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In the picture below, we can see two screen layouts that show how I have configured my screens while working.

BMC ProactiveNet (BPPM)
This monitoring tool allows us to see the most important warnings at a glance. This solution combines event management, service impact management, performance monitoring, and data analytics.
Mainframe Consoles
The consoles can be said to be the live log of the Mainframe. Here we can see what is happening at any time since the console shows all the system messages, some of which require our interaction. We use them to issue system commands or perform IPLs.
BMC Remedy
This is the main incident and problem managment tool that we use to keep a record and to receive any kind of petition that requieres an action from us.
The Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS is the software used to plan, run, and track the batch jobs. It was previously known as OPC (Operations Planning and Control). TWSz is where we rerun failed jobs and follow our daily batch plan, in addition to all the other critical business applications.
Control D/V
These are the tools that we use to see all the reports from jobs and STCs, since they are moved here from the JES2 spool. They are very important, due to here is where we analize all the failed jobs.