Date and Time:

Code of The Main REXX

This tool was created in mid February of 2020. The EXEC can be launched by calling the EXEC from the command line with "TSO REVIEW", or the desired given name.

The first part is a simple REXX that submits a JCL and shows a message to the user.

JCL of The Submitted Job

The second part of the utility is the submitted job. There are four steps:

  • The first step gathers all the failed jobs in TWSz.
  • The second step selects the jobs that haven't been already reviewd and just with JCL or OSUF error.
  • The third step launches a REXX to prepare the SYSIN for the next step.
  • The fourth and final step, is the step that modifies all the Text Areas of the failed jobs in OPC.

The idea of submitting and doing everything within a JCL is for the user not to waiting for the TWSz Error Panel to be modified.

REXX Called Within the Submitted Job

This utility was created to be used in a neglected development environment, where more than 400 jobs fail every day and most are not solved by the propietaries. The vast majority are because of JCL or OSUF error.

In the interest of time to type the "REVIEWED" comments for all of these failed jobsl, we use the tool after having reviewed these jobs. This tool can be used with another purpose, to modify other applications in TWSz.