About Me

Date and Time:

Enrique Gonzalez Plaza

I started working in the Mainframe field with z/OS when I was 18 years old. Since then, I have worked with two different clients and have encountered different scenarios.

Over the past thirteen years of learning and growing in this field, I have been presented many opportunities to meet great and experienced colleagues of whom I was able to learn a lot from.

As I cotinue to grow professionally, I stay with my philosophy of keeping the developement of my z/OS skills. I am continuing to improve my knowledge of programming while building and broadening my career in other technology fields.

Reasons Why I Created This Website

The main two reasons were to refresh my knowledge on HTML and to highlight what I am working on at work in my place of work. I would like to share affective and practcal resources with other colleagues, that have helped me grow during my career.

Website and content created by Abhishek Rathi, Mainframe Developer and dedicated person to his field. A useful website where you will find good Mainframe courses and information about this field.

This website is full of online courses, all of them at an affordable price and created by devoted people that love what they are teaching. Some companies provide some of these courses for free, for their employees.

Can you imagine learning how to code while being challenged and having fun simultaneously, as you were playing a game? This website has Pro Courses for a fee if you desire to go a step further in learning more.